ATS v4.0+ATS Assistant V2.1 Unlimited (Action Threshold Software)

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ATS V4.0 is a game-changing trading software that is based on the principles of accumulation/distribution, which were originally made popular by legends like Richard Wyckoff and Jesse Livermore. Developed by Action Threshold Software, this powerful tool helps traders to align themselves with large institutions like banks and hedge funds, who are the ones who really move financial markets.

The package includes:

+Expert: ATS Assistant 2.1.ex4
-ATS Assistant Driver 2.1.ex4
-ATS Assistant EI Driver 2.1.ex4
-ATS Assistant Map.ex4
-ATS Exp Index Driver V4.0.ex4
-ATS Exp Index Map V1.0.ex4
-ATS Expansion Index V1.0.ex4
-ATS Expansion Index V4.0.ex4
-ATS V3.0.ex4
-ATS V4.1.ex4
-ATS 3.0 Chart.tpl
-ATS 4.0 Chart.tpl

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