is committed to adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a pivotal regulation enacted by the European Union (EU) to safeguard and manage the personal data of EU residents. This regulation, effective from May 25, 2018, impacts any entity that processes personal data (such as collection, recording, storage, usage, etc.) of EU residents. GDPR empowers clients and their users with several rights, including:

  • Easy recognition and access to personal data and additional profile details.
  • The ability to update Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as necessary.
  • The option to request non-storage of user events.
  • The right to demand complete deletion of all customer and end-user data.
  • The choice to opt-out of data sharing with third-party analytics.’s Approach to GDPR welcomes the introduction of GDPR and fully acknowledges its compliance obligations. We are dedicated to protecting our customers’ personal data rights and have implemented a comprehensive action plan:

  • GDPR Analysis: Thorough review of GDPR requirements to align our Privacy Policy accordingly.
  • Identifying Personal Data: Mapping out the personal data we handle to ensure compliance.
  • Visibility & Transparency: Ensuring clear communication on how we use and protect collected personal data.
  • Enhancing Data Security: Strengthening our data privacy and security measures.
  • Data Portability: Simplifying the process for customers to export their personal data.
  • Product Changes: Adapting our products to meet GDPR standards.

GDPR-Ready Features at

  • Right to be Forgotten: Users can request the permanent deletion of their data, including profiles and associated information such as order details and communications. For data deletion, contact [email protected].
  • Right to Rectification: GDPR allows individuals to correct or complete their personal data. users can update their information directly in their profiles.

Compliance and Data Management is dedicated to the transparent and secure handling of personal data, ensuring full compliance with GDPR. As both a data controller and processor, we manage customer information for payment processing and customer support, and adhere to GDPR when customers use our services to process personal data.

  • Data Deletion: Users can permanently delete their data, including profiles and associated information. Contact [email protected] for the data deletion process.
  • Preventing Data Misuse: All personal and call information is encrypted during transit and at rest. We limit data collection to what is necessary for service or support, complying with GDPR as both a data controller and processor.

For further information or inquiries about our privacy policy, please visit our website or contact [email protected].